Over the last year, the pandemic has demonstrated how education finds itself in need of a rethink from the schooling and instruction design perspective to its delivery in academia to the workplace and advancement training sector. However, amid this entire mindset shift in the learning and workplace training environment, technology has and will continue playing a pivotal role in shaping the future needs in learning and training development, which need to be structured to reinforce the knowledge experience.

Although skepticism surrounding online learning is prevalent, it is now more than ever presenting itself as a surging force in education and training as an alternative for higher education institutions or in situ training that proves a good and valuable knowledge experience to learners. This past years’ disruption demonstrates the need to have a responsive approach to the learner’s interests and needs.

With the intense use of technological tools, there is a newfound focus on learners’ connectedness, collaboration, and co-creation, as the standard pattern. Physical learning spaces such as classrooms or training rooms become collaborative spaces in which learners can share ideas or put them into action with peers or co-workers and shift the current view of the learning model.

“technology can change learning forever, and we need to embrace it and manipulate it to our advantage.”

 Anytime, anywhere learning meets customization.

The digital era and the pandemic have brought forth the need to access content through technology rather than just a compliment or motivation for learning and training. The pandemic and other digital approach tactics are demonstrating that from now on, classrooms, training facilities and other learning spaces will become detached virtual spaces that are accessible anywhere and anytime. For this reason, technology (desktops, laptops and mobile devices) is now a medium that has enabled the establishment of endless boundaries where learning can happen, reducing the need for following set grid schedules and in situ presence.

According to Australian professor Tricia McLaughlin, “technology can change learning forever, and we need to embrace it and manipulate it to our advantage.” For this reason, learners need to become front and centre, as learning is a journey and not an event.

In this vein, businesses and educators must leave behind the view of “one training model fits all” and embrace the enablement of learners to obtain control over their learning journey. Putting user knowledge experience front and centre in learning is vital. With digital tools (videos, images, ebooks, audio), learning becomes more dynamic, enhancing the quality of the content over the quantity of content a learner goes through.


 Turning challenges into advantages

As businesses grapple with the need to implement learning & development training programs to help them turn last year’s challenges into an advantage they can capitalize on going forward, it has become a game-changer.

By setting up an “online first” training program approach, businesses allow themselves to tap into eLearning’s boundless advantage of flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness without sacrificing the experience of in-person learning.

While the essence of the in-person learning experience will remain at the heart of education, the approach, tools, and content curation that make part of the learning ecosystem make part of how educators and trainers alike will use them to their advantage to enhance that knowledge experience. But not only do educators and trainers benefit, but businesses do as well, since upfront investments are lower than traditional learning, and production and implementation cycles are less time and cost-intensive, enabling the content to be ready for distribution more efficiently.

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