Adobe Flash is ending December 2020. Is your learning content ready for the future?

If you want to continue to deliver a seamless user experience for your online content, ensure that you are ready as support for Adobe Flash ends. Once the conversion happens and Flash is no longer being supported, you will begin to see changes to text appearance, images and graphics. This does not represent your brand in a professional light.

Let Logicubes be your partner to help you navigate content redevelopment to meet the new HTML5 requirements. We have the experience of converting content from flash and other outdated platforms into more versatile platforms such as Articulate Storyline or other rapid development tool with a high success and client satisfaction.   

There are many factors to consider as you ready your reputational “store front”. Content may have to be revisited or even redeveloped to adjust to the new tools.

transformation is inevitable, yet, it does not have to be negative, but instead, an opportunity for continuous improvement for you and your learners.

So, where should you start? Is it time to rethink your content, or simply convert to a different software?  Is just a facelift required, or a complete republishing? Answer is it depends. Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Understanding HTML5 and its behaviours. Remember that any time you change software to newer versions, things may go awry, it is why we will test your learning content after converting from Flash into a new software and address any issues before loading into production. If you have the resources, consider engaging a group of learners to ensure that their experience is optimum.

  • Not all browsers are the same. The advantage Flash player had over others is that it allowed content to be played in a consistent manner across all browsers; however, HTML5 is quite different and what displays or renders well in Firefox may not be the case with Chrome or others. Keep in mind that old browsers such as Internet explorer 11 (or older, here is looking at you IE6!) were developed way before HTML5, so you can expect your content to still have issues or simply not work at all. As mentioned before, test and test again!

  • Going Mobile. In todays dynamic world, enabling your learners to access your content in whatever format they prefer, is paramount to the ideal user experience. Your content will need to adapt. Make sure you, once again, test everything and ensure that it can work on an iPad or android tablet or phone.

As with all things digital, transformation is inevitable, yet, it does not have to be negative, but instead, an opportunity for continuous improvement for you and your learners. At Logicubes we believe that since learning should be fun, these conversions should be too! with inspiring images or videos along with immersive learning activities that capture your learner’s attention and leave them wanting to come back for more.  

We are here to help you and your organization navigate the options for your learning content.

Book your discovery with us or email us at and we will be happy to work with you to understand the best approach for your content redevelopment.  

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