At Logicubes, we provide digital learning solutions that truly inspire, are fun and engaging, and above all, deliver results based on real metrics.
Logicubes – Learning should be fun!


Organizations invest heavily on applications, systems and efficient technology. In order to maximize your ROI,it’s vital to equip your employees with right knowledge and skills about these systems. 
Let Logicubes become your partner in designing and developing specialized simulation eLearnings for all your systems and applications. We have the right tools to develop simulations that can supplement or replace your hands-on training under the laboratory conditions. This allows learners to make mistakes and gain skills and knowledge which can then be applied using real systems and applications.
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Design and Dev Support

Whether your organization has an in-house Learning and Development team, or you are an eLearning vendor with multiple clients, Logicubes can provide you support at all levels of eLearning design and development cycle.
We have specialists in our team with expertise in analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of eLearning. We can work with your team to bring your storyboards to life using authoring tools that best fits your needs. Hire a developer from Logicubes,instead of paying for an entire team, on project to project basis to meet your overflow needs.
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Mobile Learning

The flexibility offered by Mobile Learning (m-Learning) allow learners to access learning material from anywhere at anytime.
If you are looking for innovative and effective ways of developing m-Learning, look no further. At Logicubes, we specialize in using cutting edge technology to develop m-learning solutions that are truly responsive, can be accessed from any platform and are highly engaging.
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eLearning Conversion

Did you invest a lot in building eLearning courses using Flash in the last two decades? Now that Adobe is planning to withdraw its support for Flash by end of 2020, what are you going to do with all these courses?
Let Logicubes transform your courses that were built using legacy software into some of the most valuable assets of your organization. We have a team of expert that will support you in migrating your eLearning courses from Flash to HTML5. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your organization’s growth.
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LMS Support

Do you currently use a Learning Management System (LMS) to publish and track your online courses? At Logicubes, we have team of LMS experts that can provide you dedicated support that includes ongoing maintenance, reporting and end-user support.
Our LMS specialists will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve issues and analyze trends to ensure optimum user experience. We have experience of working with various LMS vendors and we can leverage that expertise by positioning ourselves as your technical liaison to maintain your LMS and manage upgrades and customizations.
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Logicubes provides digital learning and training solutions for modern learners. We live by these golden rules:
1. Learning should be fun
2. Learning must inspire
3. Learning objects must be accessible by everyone from anywhere
4. Success of learning objects must be based on real metrics
5. Respect the learner’s attention span (which isn’t long!)

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